Comment 84088

By matthewsweet (registered) | Posted December 18, 2012 at 11:36:38 in reply to Comment 84084

Jason, as the author of this article and the individual who clearly put many hours of volunteer time into combing through data to come to your conclusions, I find it a bit frustrating that your response to a counter-point is "you seem to have lots of time on your hands". Whatever SpaceMonkey's purpose on this site is, and I don't know cause I don't track everyone's behaviour, so maybe he is a known troll, I think his points about a) the location of the Concession count, and b) King through IV not being a free flowing highway are valid. By no means do I take two possible debatable points to mean that we throw out your entire analysis, but I think the discussion on the finer details is worth having, and VERY important going forward.

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