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By g (anonymous) | Posted December 17, 2012 at 22:46:51

i drive a lot. i also ride a bike. when i break laws on the road driving, it is usually speeding and usually because i feel that the road can support a greater rate of travel than the posted limit. i don't run red lights, i don't travel the wrong way on one way streets, i don't run stop signs.
when i ride a bike, generally speaking i ALWAYS do these things that are illegal for cars. why? because i'm riding a bike and the reasons for the laws are not usually applicable in my mind, the same reason i break the law when driving. road laws are written for 1 tonne pieces of metal that carry 100 fold more energy and thus potential for damage than me and my bike. thus most road laws for cars are 100 fold over built for cyclists. its basic physics.

interestingly, i still resent bicyclists whom i see breaking car laws on the road when i am driving a vehicle, despite the fact that i know the reasons for their behaviour. same with being a pedestrian and my reaction to pedestrians. i havent really thought about why.

anger usually comes from a sense of loss. as a motorist i am made aware perhaps of the flexibility i give up by driving an automobile. i resent the cyclist their transgressions because i cannot, or rather dare not follow suit. perhaps this is the root of the anger motorists feel towards cyclists.

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