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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted December 17, 2012 at 17:18:10 in reply to Comment 84051

I agree entirely: it is a case of a clash between two different social conventions of what is and is not acceptable independent of the actual laws. The difference in perceived and actual risks is very significant between motorists and cyclists. Motorists tend (generally) not to perceive speeding as something very dangerous (even though it often is, especially to others). Cyclists are mostly increasing the risk for themselves, which changes the moral impact of their decision. And, as you point out, many traffic rules were designed with the risks and capabilities of cars in mind, not cyclists.

With respect to speeding, the article, and my experience, shows that people feel the risk of getting caught is much greater if they exceed the limit by 15km/h, but speeders generally don't feel much remorse for exceeding the limit by much larger amounts. They just know they are taking more of a risk (i.e. a risk of getting caught, not a risk of causing harm to themselves or others). And that is what this article points out.

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