Comment 84052

By Whatev (anonymous) | Posted December 17, 2012 at 17:07:06

I think that this really comes from a sense of ownership of roads by these problem drivers (not all drivers, that is). That is, these problem drivers feel that roads and streets are for driving on and nothing else. Pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, stop signs, traffic jams, etc. are seen as an impediment to driving, and thus counter to the whole point of the road. Therefore, if you can manage to find a way to avoid or "get around" these impediments, that is okay.

I liked the billboard I saw on the internet that said "You aren't stuck in traffic. You ARE traffic," which serves to highlight that when we choose to drive our car, we are all part of and the cause of the same set of problems (congestion, frustration, etc).

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