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By Mal (anonymous) | Posted December 17, 2012 at 15:52:06 in reply to Comment 84043

Don’t hold your breath for an spit-and-polish TTC-style Annual Report, but here are some stats that IBI Group observed in their March 2010 report:

Page 37 / Exhibit 3-21: Boardings by fare type: U-Pass constituted 430,963 boardings a month: 388,584 weekdays, 23,604 Saturdays and 18,775 Sundays.

Page 38 / Exhibit 3-22: Observed Pass Use Factor by Pass Type

Page 39 / “In summary, HSR has experienced a shift in fare payment such that passes now make up 60% of revenue trips in large part to the implementation of U-Pass, which added over 23,800 active passes each month to the transit system. Furthermore, not only is there an increase in the number of active passes, the number of times a pass is used each month is higher than previously assumed. The effect is an increase in the overall number of revenue trips and HSR ridership.”

Page 40 / Exhibit 3-25 shows that Revenue Boardings represent around two-thirds of total boardings.

Page 41 / “The Exhibit [3-218] shows that HSR has the third-lowest (and hence third-best) cost per passenger at $2.80, but it has one of the lowest (and hence worst) mean fares at $1.37 per passenger.”

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