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By Gamma Ray (anonymous) | Posted December 17, 2012 at 12:12:36 in reply to Comment 84023

Vancouver's ownership/operational model seems a little different than the HSR. That and we haven't hosted an Expo or an Olympic Games. Yet.

Aside from those quibbles, I wonder if Hamilton's UPASS loss-leader isn't something of an anachronism in the age of "fare parity".

Consider: There are upwards of 30,000 students spread between Mac and Mohawk that use the 8-month UPASS. The cost for that, if I'm not mistaken, is around $122 per, roughly 18% of the going rate. That puts $4 million into the HSR coffers, around $16,500 daily for eight months -- 6,500 adult cash fares daily.

This is relevant if for no other reason that because this is a sizable chunk of the ridership that is being used to rationalize the B-Line LRT. As Metrolinx/Presto consume the HSR's monthly pass, who's to say that UPASS isn't next on deck?

These dealings are never less than interesting.

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