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By LOL all over again (anonymous) | Posted December 17, 2012 at 11:52:33 in reply to Comment 83999

When you take a close look at the auto industry another picture takes form. In order to make cars iron ore must be mined. This mining ads dollars to the economy and to the government coffers. The iron ore must be made into steel. Again this ads to the economy and to government finances. The list is almost endless. Why do you think the various governments fall all over themselves to attract automakers? The manufacture sales and repairs of vehicles is a driving force in our economy one without which the governments would be broke. So don't go whining about how drivers don't pay their own way. Those same streets by the way are what allows all the goods that you and I use to get to the stores wherever we buy them. Those streets are also used by buses and emergency vehicles. This war on cars and driving is counter productive.

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