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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted December 17, 2012 at 08:07:25 in reply to Comment 83915

Tourism is a side effect of a great city. A casino will not make us a tourist destination. Tourists go to places that are unique and interesting. How can we be unique? An OLG casino is not the answer. Leveraging our natural strengths to create an amazing city is. I would argue it's the only answer.

Unfortunately this is a long-term project. So we had better start right now if any of us want to see Hamilton succeed in our lifetimes. If we build a casino, we might as well set our revitalization back 10 years.

Do people go to Paris because they built the Eiffel Tower? New York because of the statue of liberty? Toronto because of the CN tower?

No. They go because they are great, vibrant cities.

Let's stop fooling ourselves with these ridiculous mega-projects and start laying the real groundwork.

Why would anyone visit Hamilton when we can barely convince people to LIVE here?

We are finally seeing an influx of a new generation into our core. These are the people who will make or break our future. Are we going to kill this momentum before it even gets started?

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