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By Mal (anonymous) | Posted December 16, 2012 at 15:06:04 in reply to Comment 84003

Another sad reality is that Metrolinx's $50 billion master plan will more or less ensure that the current levels of congestion are the reality in 2031 -- but because traffic will have become truly abysmal in the intervening years, it will still be viewed as an improvement.

What will hopefully have realized great improvements by then is the speed and efficiency of transit:

"Nationally, users of public transit spent 44 minutes travelling to work, compared with 24 minutes for those who went by car. (Commuting times are door-to-door. Times for public transit are generally longer because its use can involve walking to a transit stop and waiting for a bus.)

In the six largest metropolitan areas, the average commuting time was 44 minutes for public transit users and 27 minutes by car. The gap in average commuting time was slightly larger in mid-sized metropolitan areas: 46 minutes on public transit and 23 minutes by car.

The gap was not a result of distance travelled. Among workers in CMAs with at least 250,000 residents who travelled less than 5 kilometres to work, car users had an average commute of 10 minutes, compared with 26 minutes for public transit users. The same held true for longer commutes."

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