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By Neil (registered) | Posted December 15, 2012 at 14:11:38 in reply to Comment 83970

pets are great to those who love them. I don't know how you can assert that we've moved past believing animals aren't sentient beings. The vast majority of people still buys bacon and eggs from animals that are essentially treated as inanimate.

I think overall most pets have it good, but many suffer from the exact things we both recognize, bad breeders and bad owners - I'm not sure where our disagreement is there. You seem to think the good outweighs the bad, the love pets bring outweighs the harm done to many of them. I argue it's not a win win, it's a lose for the pets killed and suffering, and that we do not have the legal capacity to address these problems. But more importantly, this would be far worse for urban chickens, who would obviously be a step below pets. They would be in marginally better positions than battery cages, vulnerable to all the problems of bad ownership we agree on. You could make the argument that these are better eggs than you buy in the store, which isn't saying much, or even that your specific chickens have it really great - but there would still be the problem of the door you've opened to abuse.

As for PETA, who knows. I think the fact that people love their pets so dearly yet are still willing to eat bacon is a pretty strong indictment of our double standards.

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