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By D. Shields (registered) | Posted December 15, 2012 at 13:23:13 in reply to Comment 83921

I agree with you to some extent, but much of the abuse seems to stem from poverty, ignorance, substance abuse, or if you like the same things that cause domestic violence & child abuse.(but we never connect these things as part of one problem) Not that you need to be poor to abuse your family, or animals. It happens across the whole of society.

I see the meat argument as something like the argument for & against unpasteurized milk, & cheese products, except that the dairy farmers who create those products 'may' know a lot more than somebody who 'just gets some chickens & finds that their lives as laying hens are over.'

If people are prepared to educate themselves about raising fowl Before they get into raising chickens, it can work. If they don't, it won't work. Hamilton has never been a place that seems interested in educating people about much of anything. It would rather just place a load of restrictions & by-law fines on them & leave things at that. It over reacts when a normal course of action would be preferable. Maybe this is why people are so upset about this?

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