Comment 83973

By D. Shields (registered) | Posted December 15, 2012 at 12:48:02 in reply to Comment 83844

Maybe...? Or maybe not.It might depend on how broke 'Hamilton' is this month. $10,000.00 is a Lot of money in one go. For any city to even think about implementing something like that by-law, you have to admit an huge anti-pet/dog culture or philosophy @ City Hall. This is the kind of by-law that you see in 3rd. world countries, or Canada's far North, where free roaming, starving, semi feral packs of dogs do pose a threat to people, esp. small children. This is not your typical urban by-law, but "shoot, shovel, & shut up" won't get you $10,000.00 in fines. I suspect this by-law was back lash from the little boy who was mauled by 2 loose running, escaped, & unsupervised Rottweiler dogs in a park in Hamilton last year. This is not the same as a person walking a leased dog, & this by-law would Not have prevented that tragedy.(Animal Control is likely short staffed on Boxing Day, when this happened.) IMHO, it's just another money grab, because it makes no sense as anything else..

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