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By D. Shields (registered) | Posted December 15, 2012 at 11:44:54 in reply to Comment 83886

Quoting Neil:" Similarly with bans on big dog breeds and measures to enforce animal bylaws."

Breed bans never had anything to do with size. Staffordshire Bull Terriers (one of the 5 Ontario Banned Breeds) are about a foot high @ the shoulders. (or if you like, about the size of a English Cocker Spaniel. FYI,Cocker Spaniels held the 'bites on humans record in N. America, last time I looked at the stats.)

Quoting Neil: "But we treat animals as goods in our part of the world and it's hard to curb peoples' freedom to own goods."

I think poor owners treat pets as chattels, & little else. Most of us have gotten beyond the idea that animals are not sentient beings, & do not feel pain, emotions etc. Of course this is Hamilton, so I might be mistaken..? :(

Quoting Neil: "Overall can anyone say that owning pets is in the best interests of pets? It's hard to say. I don't know if all the happy pugs in the world outweigh all the animals sent to kill shelters for being malnourished or violent etc.

Neil. are you seriously channeling PETA & other nut case Orgs.? Most animals get sent to shelters NOT because of active ill treatment, or being the animal being 'violent'. Most animals end up there because of our (sometimes) quasi-religious or macho attitudes about spay & neuter, inability of the owners to afford spay/neuter, & poorly thought out acquisition before they get a pet. "Can we afford it?" Another problem is animals being bred on a 'factory level', or if you like puppy & kitten mills. There are no designated homes for these animals before the dogs/cats are bred. There are companies in the U.S. that breed multi 1000's of animals every year, truck them all over the U.S. & Canada into pet stores. Most of these animals are genetically messed up & will cost the owners huge Vet costs, & a lot of heartache when the animals die at an early age. These are frequently the animals that end up in shelters & breed rescues, because their owners cannot afford the enormous Veterinary costs any more. People buy in pets ignorance, because Nobody informs them of the cost involved beforehand. Your local shelter will do that, & give a cut rate on spay & neuter.

A pet is why many people get up in the morning, & function..& I'm not just talking about the lonely elderly. (with a 50%+ divorce rate, why would you doubt it?) Kids can learn a lot about being responsible & caring from owning a pet. If parents get a suitable pet from a local shelter or rescue, it's Win Win for everyone!

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