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By No Chickens in Hamilton (anonymous) | Posted December 14, 2012 at 12:01:00

Wildlife has no protection, domestic animals have no practical protection, chickens have no protection why make a mess by encouraging urban chickens?

Chickens should not be allowed because this is reality, not some ficticious world where everyone follows the rules and bylaws. Many animals die every year because people cannot be bothered to properly care for animals they own and the minimal standards for animal welfare make it nearly impossible to properly hold anyone to account for their abuse.
Other animals live miserable lives until they die because of these same conditions and same lack of enforcement or will to have proper safeguards for animals in Hamilton.

So why would anyone in good concience want to inflict this on yet another specieis?

I understand they suffer infactory farms but that is no reason to increase the pain with more animal misery in our city.

I have dealt with animal issues for years and can tell you much is never heard about the numerous horror stories in Hamilton regarding the treatment of animals.

Can you imagine animal control wasting time running around catching chickens?

Further, what about quality of the chickens used for meat rather than eggs? Again not everyone will follow rules and more problems will arise.

I would like to see more evidence or animal responsibility in Hamilton before any serious consideration of allowing chickens. So far I have not seen enough of it to consider supporting this initiative.

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