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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted December 14, 2012 at 11:59:37 in reply to Comment 83915

I have no problem with people knowing where my opinions lie. That is precisely why I am so vocal.

Niagara is home to a natural wonder of the world, and is an international tourist destination. It happens to also have a casino. Toronto is the biggest city in Canada and is an international tourist destination. It may get a casino also.

Do you truly believe that a casino in Hamilton will offer tourists something so unique that they will skip Toronto or Niagara?

A casino will NOT make Hamilton a tourist destination no matter where we put it. The only way casinos creat tourist destinations is if you create a city that lives and breathes gambling: atlantic city, vegas, etc. A single provincially controlled casino is not going to attract travellers to Hamilton. Even the experts told us this at the subcommittee meeting yesterday. It's not just my opinion.

My position on city building goes beyond tourism. I want Hamilton to be the most prestigious city in Canada for people to move to and call their home. Ecenomic development will follow them here. I want positive snowball effects, not negative ones. Perhaps my goals are set too high for others to be able to relate?

Our city is worth more than a crappy (get it?) OLG casino.

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