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By slodrive (registered) | Posted December 14, 2012 at 10:57:57

I've always felt that a casino in downtown Hamilton would not fulfill the desire to bring new money into Hamilton's economy. We do not have the potential to draw people from a neighbouring country (nor, do we don't have a favourable exchange rate that enticed Americans here in the first place), and we already have Casino Niagara in the region -which, for a few reasons could be argued has the favourable elements that make it workable.

So, in this model, idealistically we'd simply be shaking money out of the pockets of those within our own region. To which that money would be diverted throughout the province.

Wouldn't we be better served to develop attractions, facilities, entertainment, etc., within our downtown that draws people in to spend money that stays in Hamilton? Continuing to revitalize the city by putting money in the pockets of our own entrepreneurs?

It seems that there's only one business that may stand a chance of gaining a boost from this -- the hotels. Even that could be limited due to the regional draw that the casino would have.

In my opinion, that is why a downtown casino is not worth supporting. The problem gambling argument is simply more support for what has the potential to be a net drain on downtown Hamilton.

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