Comment 83878

By AnjoMan (registered) | Posted December 14, 2012 at 08:17:40 in reply to Comment 83877

So now we are obliged to build a casino in downtown Hamilton so that people can exercise their free choice to go or not go?

How about instead, those who want to gamble can excercise their free choice to take a shuttle out to flamboro downs, or drive to Brantford or Niagara or wherever?

What about the free choice of all the residents and business owners in the downtown who want the free choice of living and working in a location that is not economically or socially depressed by a casino? What about their 'free choice'?

You make it seem as if we could be the white knights of gamblers, striking a blow against the forces that with-hold them from being able to gamble downtown - the reality is that no gamblers need a casino downtown, but the future of the downtown core actually depends on the positive/negative impacts of new developments in the core.

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