Comment 83843

By RightSaidFred (registered) | Posted December 13, 2012 at 12:51:13 in reply to Comment 83833

How can it be profoundly anti-democratic when a vote was taken on it and the motion was voted down? Just because a couple of wards are 'for it' doesn't mean the whole rest of the city has to stand outside the coup and watch how it works out. I would love to have a chicken or two in my backyard but I know that most people cannot and should not be trusted to maintain the upkeep of such an adventure and their immediate neigbours would be the one's who suffer. Like it or not, we have a council representing the entire city, its not Athens a few thousand years ago and each section does what they want despite what the rest of the city deems inappropiate. Last night was profoundly democratic IMHO.

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