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By g (anonymous) | Posted December 12, 2012 at 22:55:14

the city is constantly trying to make the roads safer for cars and drivers who make mistakes:witness the new overpass and interchange at the bottom of the clappison cut. how much did that cost? safety standards are always improving to protect car drivers and passengers from their mistakes: witness anti lock brakes, air bags, electronic traction control. all of it is to protect drivers.

where is the protection for cyclists and pedestrians? are cars evaluated and allowed to be sold based on how they protect pedestrians and cyclists in the event of a collision? why not? a head on collision between two cars is very rare, but it is required as a safety feature in all cars.
the driver who was involved in the collision with the cyclist was protected by many safety factors and was unhurt. the cyclist was protected by nothing more than the resilience of his body and some clothing and was take to hospital.
we protect drivers because we know they make mistakes. we leave cyclists and pedestrians to fend for themselves and tell them to be perfect, even in anticipating the mistakes of said drivers. is this fair? all users of our roadways are human and make mistakes;none should be left to suffer because of those mistakes

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