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By g. (anonymous) | Posted December 12, 2012 at 22:29:22 in reply to Comment 83761

if you as a driver make a mistake, bend, or break a rule of the road you might be inconvenienced, dent your car or suffer minor injuries. you have decades of highly advanced engineering both inside your vehicle, anti lock brakes, air bags, crumple zones, seat belts, safety glass,etc. as well as guard rails, curbs, jersey barriers, etc. outside to keep you as safe as possible. a pedestrian has luck. thats it. when a driver makes an error, deliberately or not, they have fail safes to protect them. pedestrians have NOTHING. NO ONE SHOULD DIE BECAUSE THEY MAKE A MISTAKE. modern societies most fundamental tenant is protecting those who are most vulnerable. its why we have social safety nets. it is not a level playing field between the driver of a tonne of metal and plastic and someone who might be wearing a hat.

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