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By Ward 8 Casino (anonymous) | Posted December 11, 2012 at 13:05:23

Why not put it in Ward 8? Say Upper James somewhere or the Rymal Stonechurch area? There is plenty of possibilities and if an area with a commercial district has no neighbourhoods as Mr. Whitehead contends then there should be no problem. Easier to get to, theres highway access, the link... If he wants it so bad he can take it and the neighbourhood problems on directly.

In truth it is not adviseable to have in Hamilton but if the cash grab is that desperate than put it in Flamborough to replace the horse racing. Just because something is a bus/short drive away is not an argument to make it even easier by placing temptation even closer.

Have we not been bled dry enough by our government to have them wave money in our face as a temptation to lose what we have left?

If downtown is developing anything it is an arts and entertainment not gambling and further poverty.

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