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By Pxtl (registered) - website | Posted December 07, 2012 at 23:30:53 in reply to Comment 83607

The reason we focus on 1-way safety is the stakes. If you screw up timing a crossing on a 2-way street with traffic flowing at 40kph? There's some screeching tires and maybe an injury.

If you screw up on a 1-way street with traffic going 60kph? You die. Speed might not seem important since you're focusing on the odds of being hit rather than the damage done, but speed changes an injury into a fatality. Plus, reaction times are shorter and breaking distances are longer. Especially kids occasionally do dumb things like darting out into the street heedless of cars, because they're kids. They get distracted and chase a ball, they get emotional and run... sometimes they just do something dumb and wander out into the street. Everywhere else, the kids would be far away from the highways - the busy highway-like streets would be commercial areas or they'd be fenced off residential surveys, or just the sidewalks would be spaced well away from the road with maybe even a ditch dividing them, or there wouldn't be any sidewalks if it was some rural area where nobody was expected to walk anywhere.

But in Hamilton? 60kph live traffic next to a sidewalk, without so much as a strip of grass or a bike lane between them.

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