Comment 83522

By anonymouse (anonymous) | Posted December 05, 2012 at 23:08:05 in reply to Comment 83520

Why must you make this into an either/or? Why can't we have both the heritage building and the greenspace? Why does every teacher and staff person need a parking spot, plus spots for the rec centre?

The fact is that buildings like Sanford school make people value their community. If you're such a neighbourhood hero you'd be fighting tooth and nail to save it. You don't save a neighbourhood by building a park. There are lots of dilapidated, empty parks all across the city. You save a neighbourhood by bringing people into it to treasure it.

People are only upset because we've seen the same process unfold across the city so many times, and every time it's a tragedy. Across my street a beautiful school was once torn down and now there's a bunker. You are making a huge mistake!!!!

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