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By Steve (registered) | Posted December 05, 2012 at 20:42:50

Well written and heart-breaking.

The Wever Hub clearly doesn't understand the Hamilton Community Foundation's policy that Hubs are NOT neighbourhood associations. On their Facebook page they state they are not a neighbourhood associaton like other hubs; "The Wever Community Hub unlike most Community Hubs is not the local neighbourhood association."

Funny, as a non-neighbourhood association they have positioned themselves as the voice of the community and the go-to group to advise on both the arrival of Mission Services and the demolition of the Sanford Avenue School for that community. Both of which they've supported even when they say they haven't.

Look at their Facebook page where they state they have no opinion on the demolition of Sanford, but then go on at length for the need of more green space and how it will be acheived by the demolition of the school.

Actually, I've changed my mind it's not heart-breaking. It's sickening...

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