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By dan5010 (registered) | Posted December 05, 2012 at 17:51:41

It does not seem to matter whether it is the Hamilton School Board, or the City of Hamilton, or the City of Brantford - all these entities seem extrememly zealous in tearing down extremely old historical and beautiful buildings!!!

This is nothing new, just another nail in the coffin in a long list of heritage buildings that continues to be knocked down or neglected. I watched as Brantford recently went blindly ahead and knocked down 41 of its most historical buildings (some pre-confederation) for no other reason than to get rid of them!

Hamilton is no better - the old Tivoli and Century theatres, the Thistle club, the old Studebaker factory, some old mansions, ..the list is endless! You watch.. Delta High School will be the next one!

It comes down to either lazy, apathetic board members, or just greedy slimeball developers, both who have no appreciation or understanding of great architecture and would tear down the Taj Mahal to replace it with a parking garage if they knew they could make a buck out of it!!

The whole things makes me SICK!!!!

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