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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted December 05, 2012 at 12:47:46

The city just put a light in at Augusta crossing John South. This was under the guise of assisting pedestrians.

The problem is, the programming of this light is horrendous. First of all, if no one hits the pedestrian button, the pedestrian signal never changes even if a car triggers the green cycle

So if a car has triggered the light and you walk up to it as it's turning green to cross John, the pedestrian light does not turn green. According to the city, you should press the button, wait for the entire augusta vehicular green, then wait for the entire john street green, and then cross at the next Augusta green cycle.

Second, if you hit the button, the delay is absurd. And sometimes, when you hit it, the john street flashing hand starts - but before augusta gets the green, the john street green man comes back for a while, and then starts flashing again, and THEN augusta gets the green.

I have never been able to trigger the light with my bike - there is absolutely no feedback to a cyclist that their presence has been detected.

My observations tell me that, except during an hour a day in AM and an hour in PM rush times, almost every pedestrian and cyclist crosses against a red for frustration of the delays for the green.

The city's response is that they can't tie up John street by lowering the pedestrian button response time.

This despite the fact that the only bottleneck on john is the bizarre scene at hunter with buses blocking one lane and turning vehicles blocking the other. A proper Augusta pedestrian crossing will NEVER be a bottleneck as long as the bus routes and turn lanes are maintained on john between hunter and jackson.

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