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By grb (anonymous) | Posted December 05, 2012 at 11:35:34 in reply to Comment 83334

On the money, Pxtl! I strongly suspect that the stunning incompetence of Hamilton's bureaucracy is no mistake. More like a smokescreen. Red tape means more desks, more jobs, more relatives and friends on the payroll and more chances for graft and cronyism. Ever wonder why tax rates are so ridiculously high here? Hamiltonians have been sucker-punched by city hall for so long they think it's normal. Our bureaucrats turned the city's streets into high speed feeders for the suburbs. Our vital historic architecture was, and still is, being stripped away to make room for parking lots and shoppers drive to the malls as anticipated. Downtown businesses have closed in ghost-town numbers. The death blow to the inner city was the construction of the profoundly abusive and cynical Jackson Square and its jumble of crummy buildings.

How do you like the streetscape work the city did on Barton Street where a toy-town boulevard reno was carried out instead of doing something real about the growing slum that the street has become? Barton Village! Sure!

For a recent dab of arrogance check out the awful "benches" on the so called King William "Art Walk" or the equally goofy and absurdly massive two seater concrete ones on James North.

There is good reason for neighbourhood associations and others to be worried sick and fighting against what the city wants to do with our beautiful West Harbour area. It's a peach and maybe one of the last good chances to squeeze a little more sweet juice into some city hall "retirement" funds.

No, c'mon, That's not true.

You're right. I take it back. That was uncalled for. I need to take walk. By the way, what hell is an "art walk", anyway?" Shouldn't the city be lending whole hearted support to real projects and real people like The Pearl instead of wasting money on stage sets for imaginary tourists on imaginary walks.

I thought you were going to take a walk.

OK, thanks Pxtl, nice talking with you. I really need to adopt your measured and sensible approach to things. Short and sweet. What's the point in getting all bent out of shape. By the way, did you read Chris Hume's comments about Hamilton in an interview for November issue of Urbanicity? Cranked it right up! Chris doesn't even live here and he can see what's going on. Hamilton brings out the rant in people.

I'm not surprised.

Me either.

Have a nice walk.

Take care.

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