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By Halloween fan (anonymous) | Posted November 16, 2012 at 17:23:34

It is sad and I noticed a significant decline in my neighbourhood even among those who usually go all out. Regarding Halloween origins, while steeped in occult mythology belief, it actually was simply Celtic New year nothing unhallowed about that. Also trick or treating may have developed from some existing tradition it is really a North American thing and is not occult at all. To damn something for preceptions or happenings on a particular night that one may diagree with is hardly a reason to be in opposition to a community based night aimed at kids like trick or treating. I mean look at the many christmas and other holiday traditions and you will find they have ancient non-christian cultural origins but are not dangerous at all and you have probably been doing them yourself since childhood. Religion does not preclude fun and you will not turn away from a belief simply for giving or accepting candy or puttng up a pumpkin (even the pumpkin is a north american tradition). By all means if their are aspects of the night that offend beliefs by all means there is not need to accomodate but handing candy to kids seems a hard one to justify to me.

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