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The planters must be strong enough to fulfil a protective function as well… that is, be able to withstand a vehicle impact at posted speed limit.

In NYC, adjacent BIAs have agreed to agreed to cover the cost of plantings and maintenance.

The three blocks of Broadway adjacent to Madison Square Park apparently cost $700K in 2008 (~$800K in 2012 CAD).

NYC Sept 5, 2008 (via

"For bicyclists, the new, high-visibility bicycle lanes on both Broadway and Fifth Avenue will bridge former gaps. Pedestrian areas are protected by 170 planters weighing 600 or 1,000 pounds and also 43 roughly-hewn granite blocks.

Further uptown, along Broadway between Times Square and Herald Square, DOT recently completed another major pedestrian and plaza project, redesigning the geometry of Broadway from 42nd to 35th Streets and creating new plazas, a protected bike path running along the curbside, and abundant pedestrian space furnished with tables, chairs and benches, and protected by 173 planters."

New York Times, Aug 25 2008 (via

The city Transportation Department, which created the esplanade, assured that it was safe.

“The plaza is protected by parked cars in some locations and in others by planters weighing 600 or 1,000 pounds and stationed in positions that prevent vehicles from passing in between,” said Seth Solomonow, a spokesman for the department. “We have used planters as a pedestrian safeguard in this way at numerous locations throughout the city.”

To create the esplanade, the city took away two of the four traffic lanes on Broadway from 42nd to 35th Streets. On the eastern portion of Broadway, it created the new pedestrian areas, which have a gravel coating glued to the pavement, and a bike lane that runs next to the sidewalk. And it bought the benches, tables, chairs and planters, which were set out last week. The project cost $700,000.

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