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By Kiely (registered) | Posted November 01, 2012 at 15:46:47 in reply to Comment 82504

It is my belief we need to be cheapskates period.

Don't be smug - there's a financial crisis in Canada

From article:

But if we add the federal debt to provincial debt, unfunded liabilities for health care and some other programs — in the vicinity of $2 trillion — Canada today faces a debt problem that is comparable to the U.S. and the nations of Western Europe. By any standard, that is a crisis.

Go to Spain and see all the public infrastructure (including rail and transit links) they purchased with borrowed money from the EU... how'd that work out for them?

Money doesn't grow on trees, not even when it is government money and you want to buy transit with it.

We're spewing untreated sewage into red hill creek but want an LRT. Let's get real about priorities and how much money we have. Let’s begin prioritising what we need with a focus on first fixing the infrastructure and problems we already have and then we can pursue sensible improvements that may indeed include LRT. But let's get our finances in order first! All I see is spend, spend, spend, in this city and a lot of it is on crap we don't need like stadiums, aerotropolis, sprawl, etc...

You want me to simply ignore our cavalier budgeting and have us spend another billion on a transit project, for a city with bigger problems than lack of public transit, all in the hope that it will be a key component of the long-overdue Hamilton renaissance (i.e., gentrification). I simply can't buy in to that from my perspective and I’m not alone.

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