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By Kiely (registered) | Posted October 31, 2012 at 13:35:06 in reply to Comment 82468

LRT is a luxury if your existing bus network is sufficient or can be efficiently expanded to meet current demand Sean, ours probably is… we certainly don’t lack lanes or suffer from the congestion that can hamper bus transit especially on the proposed B-line. If we start getting the density and long touted change to the core okay, if the pennies are there do it. Until then do the simple and cheaper stuff, bike network, walkability, livable neighbourhoods, those things don't cost a billion dollars.

An LRT is nice (I worked for Bombardier I am converted, but I also know the true cost of these things and that their benefits can often be “oversold”), right now with the current economic conditions in this city and province it is very difficult to get people to buy-in to LRT and champion LRT. I think that is a confirmed fact about now isn't it?

We need to prioritise our spending. As a city we just appear to want everything and are not capable of prioritizing anything. Let’s get our existing infrastructure up to snuff, let's clean up our environmental mess, let's stop whole sections of the lower city from flooding when it rains, let’s kill the expensive and unnecessary aerotropolis, let's get a clue at city hall, let's star CREATING those high end jobs in this province, and then when the arrow is pointing up, maybe we can buy some nice toys ya?

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