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By seancb (registered) - website | Posted October 31, 2012 at 10:59:16 in reply to Comment 82405

Agree with you on Randle Reef. We need to address it today. Not tomorrow, not next week.

Regarding the sewage treatment - the reason we are "up sh*t creek" so to speak is because of the sprawl development we are intent on building.

LRT is one very large piece of a giant puzzle that, when complete, will mean more dense living. This density will allow us to continue to grow while stopping the addition of impermeable surfaces (sprawl). In fact, with proper planning we could even remove hard surfaces where they are unnecessary. What if an entire lane of Main Street was converted from asphalt to a permeable surface on which rails were built?

1mm of rain on 1 square metre produces 1 litre of water. One lane of Main from James to John is 900 square metres. So for each mm of rain that falls, just this one section of asphalt lane being converted to a permeable surface would save 900L of unnecessary sewage treatment.

How many lanes of how many streets are completely unnecessary in this city? And what would it mean to our bottom line if we didn't need to plow these lanes, fill the potholes, repave every 10 years and treat the rainwater that falls on them as sewage?

And if we had LRT and a proper transit system, could we have even fewer lanes?

Of course this kind of thinking is poisonous to most people, but they are in line with the rest of us screaming about taxes.

We need to be practising "ounces of prevention".

Aside: Do you have a rain barrel? We all should. Every drop of water we can keep out of the sewer will allow us to avoid the huge costs of upgrading treatment facilities.

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