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By jason (registered) | Posted October 31, 2012 at 10:00:09

Just for some comparisons.... this new GO Station will be 850m from Copps:

The closest train station (GO) to the Skydome is Union Station. Via the collection of PATH walkways it is 1km:

via Front St it is 1.2 km.

This bodes well for the future value of Copps IMO.
Of course, if we ever get some leadership back and re-ignite the vision of a vibrant, successful city complete with LRT, those trains are proposed to stop around the corner from Copps on King St.
btw, I'm still perplexed (tho I shouldn't be) that the TiCats haven't become the biggest boosters of LRT. A station is proposed right at the stadium near Scott Park. They could win over a bunch of the next generation that they've lost, and create a much easier transportation link right to the stadium. But again, that would require vision, and some semblance of concern for our city's future.

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