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By Public space Pete (anonymous) | Posted October 19, 2012 at 09:15:45

I think we can agree that most people not having an interest are underwhelmed and Kevin provided a good insight into why it happened.
My own question was that, accepting location and style as now being done with, did anyone ask the locals about having people park on their lawns for 100 times per year, if as stated they want a lot more big events there. It seemed to get brushed over.
The second was that if we are turning over the other city entertainment facilities to private organizers, should this be included so we have a city wide approach to concerts etc.?
If these do not happen will we be left with a facility that can only be used for CFL football & semi-pro soccer sports events to attract crowds, again the old Ivor Wynne de ja vu?
Surely that would be the worst outcome; $150MM to shrink & rotate with no other sizable benefits, or the most expensive farmers market ever?

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