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By Anonymously (anonymous) | Posted October 12, 2012 at 11:43:14

I also hoped that when CBC came to Hamilton it would accept news from the independents. The journalists that have been submitting news to CFMU, and at times Raise the Hammer.

I spoke to the initial Editors and thought that I had found another outlet. Then I tried to speak to R.G.... very strange interaction.

The independents in Hamilton produce better and more detailed news, than what the Main Stream media has done. That's why independents started doing news. Largely for free.

I use to be able to submit an important story in word, or audio or video to CBC Toronto, and was at times actually paid. The big point for me, was to get news out.

Sorry R.G. your comments to me were disappointing, and totally the opposite of what I was led to believe. You may think your staff is better trained or more informed, but the independents in Hamilton have done a much better job of covering the news that CBC should.

Treating them badly, and using their work for free, while you do get income... is a sad reflection on CBC in general.

I have noticed that CBC Radio One news has fallen down in their cutting coverage the past few years. Too many Government cuts or threats I imagine.

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