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By Mogadon Megalodon (anonymous) | Posted October 12, 2012 at 07:35:40

Well put. Aside from the lack of depth/breadth and failure to capitalize on anything but a fraction of the medium's potential (or engage/acknowledge the critics and their generally astute and valid observations -- another socmed fail) there is a pervasive non-critical boosterism that borders on advertorial, and which stands as an insult to its audience and a blemish on one of the world's great journalism outlets.

CBC Hamilton's mandate should not be to further the agenda of Tourism Hamilton, Economic Development, area marketing firms or the James North set. It should be to lock horns with the facts about what goes on in the whole city, to tell truth to power, to shine a light on what is going on but not to settle for vacuous show-and-tell, as is currently the case.

If they had CBC Hamilton's advertising budget alone, CFMU, CATCH or RTH could easily surpass the lukewarm piffle that we've seen to date. Far from being the exciting change that Hamilton so desperately wanted, CBC Hamilton is slow, shallow, and sub-par compared to the standards in place prior to their arrival. Like their signature cupcakes, CBC Hamilton tends to deliver empty calories with a sugary icing.

I gather that the problematic cash flow from HNIC will not make the CBC's job easier anywhere, but if this experiment is indicative of the future of the service, it is destined to become a wake before long.

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