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By jason (registered) | Posted October 06, 2012 at 19:32:42 in reply to Comment 81454

I thought long and hard before writing that little bit. My main beef is that city hall is choosing which food establishments to allow. I don't think they should. City-wide if you look at the ratio of greasy, unhealthy foods it sure seems to weight heavily towards the take-out only operations that exist from Ancaster to Dundas to East Hamilton. In my own neighbourhood I can get great food and ambiance at many places. All of the take-out only joints are pizza/wings/fish and chips.
Your point is well taken though - it's tough to quantify. Perhaps I'd be better off criticizing this decision on the simple grounds of preventing a possible new neighbourhood cafe or gathering spot that could have located in this building. I was amazed in Portland to see many of their nicest cafes and coolest new restaurants in the hoods that used to be run down and just fried take-out foods for the most part.
We want a better mix in central/east Hamilton and we want healthy neighbourhoods. Part of what makes a neighbourhood healthy is places like Johnny's Coffee, Bread Bar and Harbour Diner. No such place will have the opportunity to locate in this new building, thereby further delaying neighbourhood improvements that can play a critical role in adding yet one more healthy, community-focused piece to the puzzle.

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