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By Anon coward (anonymous) | Posted October 05, 2012 at 12:52:42

A lot of the current government "startup funding" seems to be chunks of $30k which goes to two guys in a garage. I can only assume that they are either recent grads with no experience in doing anything for real or people who for some reason have no need to work (wealthy? unemployable?). What does 30k get you in business? A new minivan is 30k.

I'm a 15 yr experienced pro in my field making 100k+/yr with kids and a mortgage. I have a lot of ideas and experience that I could contribute to an innovative startup but how am I able to participate in this model? I am a wage slave to the banks for my house and car payments and just paid off my graduate student loans last year.

I guess I would like to see an approach to attracting high calibre talent to these initiatives - we seem to have no problem paying millions of dollars / yr to government officials to operate these programs but then we starve the actual people who are doing the work and taking the risks. Why not flip that model around a bit?

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