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By Sky (anonymous) | Posted September 25, 2012 at 10:53:20

My three children ages 24, 25 and 28 all have their license...My 15 year old will go for her's on her 16th birthday.

I agree that we have to make our streets more friendly to INCLUDE safe walking and bikes, yet have difficulty swallowing the bashing on where I choose to live.

IMHO this entire discussion tries to push that we should all live in the core ~ taking away from my and my children's love for the rural way of life.

It would be great if we could work at having the BEST OF ALL WORLDS ~ moving forward!

Open, honest, sincere dialogue leads to change...throwing out non truths "buying urban houses is all they can afford" ~ "imagine if we ever saw a Council that made downtown a priority"~ Really? Take a look at all of the loans/grants etc. for STRICTLY the core for re-development, outside facade improvement, interior renovations, sewer back-ups etc...and then try to find any such thing for any suburban, rural howmeowner. (These subsidies, interest free perks are also alive and well for downtown busineeses.)

The way to change for the better, is to work at betterment ~ for all.

Have an amazing day everyone.

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