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By Happy Guest (anonymous) | Posted September 20, 2012 at 16:28:21

Thank god. Hurray for Metrolinx!

I'm very sorry that Andy Byford (who seems to be doing a great job) won't get a chance to get a hand in this process. However, I don't think he has enough power and influence (yet) to counter the disaster that is the ATU113 and Chair Stintz ("We MUST replace the SRT with an LRT, and you can like it or lump it. Oh, woops! Wait a minute... We MUST replace the SRT with a subway...")

If City Council is going to force those worst-design-possible god-awful Transit-City-through-the-backdoor streetcars/LRVs on the citizens of Toronto - against their wishes, I might add - thank god Metrolinx had the foresight and courage to at least prevent the infliction of the Surface-Rail division of the ATU113 at the same time.

Hey Ms. Stintz, and all your short-sighted supporters who put wheels under this whole transit disaster: ain't karma wonderful! You pushed through the high-level design with the absolute highest requirement for operators - and now you won't get to operate it!!!

I hope we can retain Andy Byford during all this mess. Perhaps he can be convinced to jump ship to the new organization, and he will no longer be forced to hide silently behind the skirts of his boss. Let's never forget: “My personal preference would have been to have a subway."

If not, perhaps we can convince him to run for Council. Andy Byford for TTC Chair!!!

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