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By kevlahan (registered) | Posted September 19, 2012 at 18:08:21 in reply to Comment 81051

I agree that a graphic comparing traffic per lane (and on the whole street) on the downtown one-ways and the mountain (or other) two-ways would be very helpful. Most people just don't realize how under capacity most of these streets are.

On the other hand, motorists shouldn't expect that the downtown core of a major city is best used as a short-cut between suburbs, especially when we have a complete ring-road network of freeways (403-Linc-Red Hill-QEW+Burlington Street) that is designed for speed.

This could be combined with a narrative telling the story of how one-ways have harmed downtown residents and businesses and why reversion will help the City of Hamilton prosper.

I'm a bit less cynical about the opponents of two-way conversion than some commentators. Most are just genuinely concerned about traffic jams, and we should be able to convince them that this is not going to happen.

A few opponents seem to have a strong sentimental attachment to one-ways, or to see this in "us v them" terms, and it will be difficult to change their minds.

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