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By The X Guy (anonymous) | Posted September 19, 2012 at 11:56:24

Let me first start off by saying that as a relatively new Central Mountain resident, I do support most of the items in complete streets concept for not only downtown, but the entire city. But I do fear that if the actual conversion is successful, it may still not produce one of the most important desired results – Safe and Calm Streets

I just want to share my experiences, perhaps they may be relevant to this discussion.

I grew up in the East End, right on Nash Rd – A two way, 4 lane street. The road use is mixed but the majority is residential. This street (especially prior to the opening of the RHVP) was used by many as an "urban expressway" (IMO) as well. Those coming off the QEW at Woodward, would then turn on Barton, then Nash – or, exiting onto Hwy 20 from the QEW, and bypass the crowded Centennial Parkway (again Barton, then Nash) before reaching their destination somewhere in the southern east end (I would assume). Vice versa for people traveling north.

In the section between Barton and Queenston, along the east side (about 1.5 km, I think) , there is a cemetery, and a large park. There is only 1 stop light between. The West side is all residential. Drivers, when venturing down this part of the road, would get a sense of Free Space, and either purposely or inadvertently drive at speeds well over the limit. Any type of vehicle would speed - personal vehicles, motorcycles, 18 wheelers, even buses!

Living on this street wasn’t fun either, just like living on/near Cannon st. I did not feel safe on this street. As a young child, playing in the front yard was not an option. Crossing the road, even at a stoplight (Kentley Rd) would be dangerous as drivers constantly ran red lights since its easier to blow through the light rather than trying to stop going 65 km/h. After becoming a driver myself in my teens, pulling into and out of the driveway was always interesting – there would be several times in a month where I was getting honked at by an impatient driver behind me as I slowed down approaching my driveway, trying to pull in.

I would have liked to see one more stop light. More Speed limit signs, more enforcement. A radar sign (similar to the one on Cootes near McMaster)….Or other deterrents – a way to make a driver feel that they must slow down to the limit and respect those living along the street.

If the downtown two way conversion is successful, I hope that the issue of the "urban expressway" that is experienced along those streets are resolved, because if a driver needs to get from Point A to Point B, and you are in the middle with no obstructions or deterrents (like myself on Nash Rd), there may be nothing stopping a driver from reaching their destination as quick as they deem possible.

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