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By jason (registered) | Posted September 19, 2012 at 11:26:40 in reply to Comment 81023

the narrative would centre around the quality of life, economy, image and health of our urban core which benefits Mountain folks by:

  • downtown growing it's tax base and contributing to the city's coffers
  • more jobs
  • Hamilton's image changing so they can be proud of where they live, not embarrassed
  • easier retention of next generation talent that we previously lost to TO, Montreal etc....
  • more entertainment, dining, cultural offerings for folks from the entire city to enjoy
  • more development leading to new districts constructed at the West Harbour, Gore etc... which again benefit the entire city
  • easier movement around the city now that we have stats proving gridlock won't ensue...west Mtn folks for example can come down Garth to Queen and head straight to Main, King or the waterfront without having to zig-zag through Kirkendall, Durand etc.....
  • creating more transportation options for those who either don't want, or can't afford a car. Many in code red fall into the latter.
  • more dollars being spent in Hamilton, boosting tourism, attracting new hotels, new conventions etc.... instead of Hamiltonians having to travel to other cities for a good time.

The list is endless isn't it?? But I believe there is tremendous value in the stats because it can immediately ease fears of mass hysteria. When we see that Cannon St has 4 lanes, but really only carries the traffic of 2, we can easily envision a complete street that everyone can enjoy:

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