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By voice of reason (anonymous) | Posted September 13, 2012 at 19:12:49

Everyone take a breath and be honest. Clark's amendment will not slow down process. He was right, council's resolution must be consistent with the environmental laws. At Council, he wanted to know why the approved street conversions still have not been done. Council directed the conversions, why did staff not proceed?

Here is what I heard Clark and allies say. they do not oppose conversions of the residential streets. Actually, clark said the approved conversions should be expedited! They simply wanted to ensure that a study group completes a legitimate EA on cannon and queen. Watch the GIC and council debates. What has been attacked as opponents' comments were actually arguments for study.

Given this fact, the hyperbole is not council's, and the selective listening is this blog's! Considering the supposed intellectual capacity of the participants, I would have expected a slighty more reasoned response

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