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By DTompkins (anonymous) | Posted August 28, 2012 at 21:30:26

Let it be resolved that John St. N. between Strachan and Burlington St. be converted to 2-way, as there is no logical reason why those few blocks need speed-tempting wide lanes running past a school, a park, health centre and a rec centre.
Councillor Farr... can you explain why this one-way relic exists when the remainder of John St. from the water to the escarpment is now 2-way? Can anyone?
Like the Locke St. stretch there are others I call, 'one-way' orphans, that drive me crazy: Ferguson - King to King William, King William - Mary to James, and now (though it's a start thanks to Vrancor)we can add Caroline to the list.
I recall citizens used to pester their ward representatives for unneccessary 4 way stops in their neighbourhood - and they often got them. Those of us who live in the lower city really should start speaking up for 2-way streets. If we pester our councillors enough... maybe we'll get them.

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