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By Math geek (anonymous) | Posted August 24, 2012 at 01:51:16

In the story we read: "a 100 kg cyclist imposes an order of magnitude less wear and tear than a 1500 kg driver" Though I can't find a reference right now if you look into it I am sure you will find that damage to pavement increases as the square of the per wheel loading imposed by the vehicle. So, if a bike does "1 unit" of damage to the roadway per trip with a loading of 50 kg per wheel then a car at say 400 kg per wheel would do not 10 units of damage per trip as suggested, but rather more like 128 units of damage, and a truck or bus would do thousands, or tens of thousands, depending on the vehicle. You can see an example of this by observing the trenches in the pavement created by bus wheels near many bus stops around town.

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