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By Steve (registered) | Posted August 20, 2012 at 09:37:55 in reply to Comment 79915

What is this an example of? This isn't brownfield redevelopment, it's historic demolition in the name of brownfield demolition.

I've worked old factories re-purposed to offices and they are great. I've also worked in today's industrial malls and they are soul sucking.

If this was the demolition of this building, I wouldn't complain, nor be sarcastic, but it's not. It's the demolition of this building, and not only do they not build them like this anymore, they never will build them like this again, period.

I guess the Board of Ed/McMaster controversy was but the demolition of an outdated building to be replaced with a up-to-date building. Because that is the same as what people are championing here.

I'm also amazed that people can get so enthusiastic about a demolition with a promise of an industrial mall, with no backup details. I hope when the building is gone the industrial mall is built quickly and we don't end up just a fenced yard overgrown with weeds, or perhaps worse a parking lot for trailers.

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