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By -Hammer- (registered) | Posted August 19, 2012 at 18:01:12 in reply to Comment 79679

I can get behind this, save that I am for keeping King and Main one way as they are the natural extensions of Highway 8, and given how many lanes they have, complete closure is rare, and closing down a couple of lanes for roadwork for these main thoroughfares makes repair easier.

I am for converting Wellington and Victoria but because the conversion involves somehow converting the Clairmont access, which is the busiest access save for the 403, I understand that would be no small feat and would compromise there.

All the others though, convert them. Catherine, Wentworth, Bay, Queen, Charlton, Hunter and Herkimer especially. York and Cannon I can give a bit of time on as of the odd configuration on how they merge into York. That's just how I see it, and think that's a fair compromise.

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