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By slodrive (registered) | Posted August 10, 2012 at 12:31:37 in reply to Comment 79652

Solid points, all 'round...especially regarding the ad-game's immersion in image and perception. That said, day-to-day, I'm not sure if the average solider in the industry is living and breathing the final product as many might think. But, the daily routine is much more invigorating, fun, and casual than average white-collar desk work. Generally speaking.

Perhaps, it's more the make up of people who are attracted to the ad industry - not sure. And, of course, where I currently work could certainly be an anomaly. (At one time there were 3 boxers in a staff of 50.)

I would still think, despite the long hours and sedentary lifestyle often led (or demanded) by other creative fields -- no offence, but film editors come to mind -- it still seems that anything remotely art-related results consciousness of image.

That's not always healthy -- but, often it still leads people to the gym. And, net-net, if you look good, you feel good...and, vice-versa.

I definitely think life-dissatisfaction does determine poor nutrition. Dissatisfied people in seemingly good situations often turn to poor nutrition as an escape -- so, they may not actively seek the nature trails that could inspire/ refresh/ reinvigorate.

And, I'd hazard a guess that those who mutter "I don't even care anymore" a lot, probably don't give much second thought to that drive-thru window.

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