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By TheDevilIsInTheSteel (anonymous) | Posted August 09, 2012 at 19:49:17

Let's start with the removal and recovery of the factory lands littered on Hamilton's harbour instead of celebrating the small-headed ideas of a select few on City Council, who fight for their own preservation to sit like fat cats for decades while refusing to move this city forward, such as the expansion of William's Coffee Pub, and Sarcoa. You want to set a new standard of health and wellness in a city where cheap and fat foods rule for people living in the Hamilton's North and East Ends that live on average twenty years less than those in Ancaster, far and safe from the toxins and disgusting practices of an industry long dead and kept alive by; those who earned pensions and paycheques for above and beyond anything they should have ever achieved for the actual effort it took them to acquire the position, and those on City Council who are either retired "labour folk" or those white collars that figure it is best to bow to the will of those pensioners who take the time to vote rather than inspire citizen participation on the part of those deflated and select few who are the healthiest and wealthiest for having given up on an idea of a better Hamilton and focused on their own personal growth and facilitating the best life they can in a jungle of pollution, failed ideas and pseudo enthusiasm.

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